EPISODE: 3/054 Earth Science

Earth Science: It’s a very ‘down to earth’ episode of SCOPE this week all about exactly that; Earth Science! We shake things up with the science of earthquakes, learn how to make our very own sandstone and visit a park that really rocks!

Earthquake Monitoring: The ground shakes, your legs buckle and buildings fall down all around you! It may sound like something from a Hollywood blockbuster but geophysicists like Sandy Steacy from the University of Adelaide study these natural phenomenon every single day!

Rock Park: Take a step back in time with Tom Raimondo from the University of South Australia! We walk though millions of years of geological history at Hallett Cove Conservation Park and learn all about these natural formations.

DIY Science – Sandstone: Sandstone is a geological wonder that takes thousands if not millions of years to form in the wild. But thanks to DIY scientist Tom we’ve got an experiment that allows you to do in two days what takes nature millennia!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Wave Rider Buoys: Earthquakes are one thing but how do you monitor a cyclone? Well that’s one thing that John Ryan from the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation knows all about!

Septic Drilling: What happens after you flush may not be a pleasant thought. But it’s the job of David Diaz from Yarra Valley Water and Ben Asquith from BMT WBM to ensure that what goes down your toilet gets to where it needs to go.

For a giant, geological dose of science join Dr Rob, as once again, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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