EPISODE: 2/166 Coastal Science 

Get your bucket and spade ready as SCOPE takes to the sand and surf to dig up some science at the coast! Sail around with a seal researcher as he tracks a flourishing fur seal population, climb aboard a marine research boat and tour its cool features and dive down to the depths of the ocean with a new robot designed to explore the sea floor! You’ll also discover some sandy science secrets when our Junior Scientist experiments with sand that stays dry in water!

Seal Studies
Sail around Seal Rocks with Marcus Salton from Macquarie University as he shows us how he keeps track of the fur seal population.

Scientist Under The Scope
Meet Dr Alice Mackay, a Marine Mammal Ecologist at SARDI Aquatic Sciences. We find out lots of interesting things about Alice, including why she became a scientist, what her favourite sea creature is and the coolest part about her job.

Experiment: Waterproof Sand
Discover the science secrets behind sand that stays dry in water when Junior Scientist Tyler experiments with some colourful sand and some waterproofing spray. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Scope In A Flash: Crabster Robot 
Ted reports on the Crabster – a new sea-floor faring robot designed by scientists at the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology. 

Sand Dunes
Learn what an anemometer is and how Patrick Hesp from Flinders University uses one to find out how sand dunes are formed.  

Sunscreen from Coral
Get the latest on sunscreen innovation when we visit the lab of Dr Mark York from CSIRO to find out why scientists are looking to coral for inspiration.     

SARDI Research Boat
Climb aboard the Ngerin (SARDI’s research boat) with skipper Chris Smalls and research scientists Alex Ivey and Jason Nichols, and check out all of the cool features of this special science vessel.

Pack your swimmers, head for the flags and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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