EPISODE: 3/049 Climate Science

Climate Science: On this episode of SCOPE; humidity, precipitation and temperature all come together for a jam-packed episode all about Climate Science! We investigate the science behind farming grapes in a changing climate, we check out how climate has evolved over the past thousand years and we find out how developments in solar panels are helping create a cleaner, greener climate for all of us!

Climate Change Vineyard: Grapes grow in the south of the country, but a shifting climate could change all that! Join Professor Stephen Tyerman from the University of Adelaide as he develops new and exciting ways for farmers to adapt to rising temperatures.

CH2 Building: Meet the top dog of eco-friendly buildings! Emitting only half the CO2 of a regular city building, Arron Wood from Melbourne City Council shows you around Council House 2; Australia’s greenest building.

DIY Science – Melting Ice: Glaciers and icebergs look similar but that’s where the similarities end. Junior scientist Luci investigates the differences between the two and how a changing climate could affect them.  

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Ice Cores: Predicting the weather can be as simple as looking out the window. But what if you wanted to find out what the weather was like thousands of years ago? That’s where Cathy Trudinger from CSIRO and her collection of ice core samples can help!

Solar Panels: Our sun has been providing the planet with solar energy for more than a billion years! Continuing this trend of harnessing the power of the sun is Professor Paul Meredith from the University of Queensland and the latest developments in the field of solar panels.

So join Dr Rob for a very eco-friendly episode of SCOPE that once again proves that the ordinary can become extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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