Scope Season 3 Episode 116 CAPITAL OF SCIENCE


EPISODE: 3/115 The Capital of Science:

The Capital of Science: London, Tokyo, Paris; these are some of the capitals of the world! But where exactly is the capital of science? Join Dr Rob as he makes the case for Canberra with a jam-packed scientific episode of SCOPE! We head out to NASA’s Deep Space Communication Complex, we learn all about Australia’s flora at the National Arboretum and we explore the science of bushfires at the CSIRO’s Pyrotron!

Deep Space Communication Complex: Welcome to the largest radar dish in the southern hemisphere! Dr Rob catches up with Dr Nagle from the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex as he explains how this incredible machine communicates with the stars.

Dishing up Science: This solar panel is a little different to those you might find on top of some suburban homes. Meet Dr John Pye from the Australian National University who has developed one of the largest parabolic solar dishes in the world!

Sowing our Seeds: Banks are often used to keep money safe. But Adam Burgess from the National Arboretum in Canberra works to keep, not money, but Australia’s unique flora safe for future generations.

Igniting Fire Science: Dr Rob heads out to the CSIRO’s HQ to catch up with Fire Scientist Andrew Sullivan and learn all about how their amazing ‘pyrotron’ device is helping predict bushfires!

So join Dr Rob for a brand new episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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