EPISODE: 3/012 Body Science 

Tell anybody and everybody about this episode of SCOPE that is all about the BODY! We discover the human body, and the science that goes with it, like never before! Find out why some sports scientists are so interested in foot arches, and try your hand at body science and build a model lung! See some super smart brain machines that can reveal what’s going on inside people’s heads, and check out a chewing simulation program that could help scientists create healthier foods.

Foot Arch Muscles
Hop, skip and jump into a science lab that’s all about feet! Dr Glen Lichtwark and Luke Kelly from The University of Queensland’s Human Movement School share their research on a very important part of the foot – the arch.

Brain Machines
Want to know about a machine that can see inside your brain? Then don’t miss this story! Dr Beth Johnston and Dr Nigel Rogasch from Monash University show us the gadgets and gizmos they use to measure human brain activity.

Experiment: Model Lung 
Breathe in, and breathe out, and prepare to build your own set of lungs! Junior Scientist Phoebe gathers some household items and makes a human breathing system. 
Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions. 

Scientist Under The Scope: Biomechanist
Meet Dominic Thewlis, a Biomechanist  from the University of South Australia. We find out what a Biomechanist does for a job and what’s so cool about it! 

Chewing Modelling
Get ready to see food in a whole new way! Check out a smart and science-y simulator that can teach researchers all about chewing. Dr Simon Harrison, a Biomechanical Engineer from the CSIRO, shows us how it works.

Be a boffin of bodies, and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

Watch SCOPE season 3 episode 012 BODY SCIENCE now!