Scope Season 3 Episode 066 BODIES AND BEYOND


EPISODE: 3/066 Bodies and Beyond

Bodies and Beyond: Make an appointment with SCOPE this week for your prescribed dose of medical science! We discover how 3D printers are finding their way into hospitals, we take an in depth look into our favourite auditory organs and learn how to build our very own stethoscope!

3D Printed Body Parts:
You can 3D print anything from prosthetics to polymers these days, but who would imagine you could 3D print human body parts! Dr Mia Woodruff from the Queensland University of Technology not only imagined it, but made it a reality!

Ear Facts: Join our favourite medical student turned Junior Doctor, Rhys, as he dishes up some interesting facts about those auditory organs on the side of your head!

DIY Science – Stethoscopes:
Ever wanted to play doctor but lacked the paraphernalia? Well fear no more! Junior scientist Olivia is here to show you exactly how to make your very own, functional stethoscope!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Binax: Ever wondered what it would be like to have super hearing? Well Marcus Chadwick from Sivantos has developed a device that allows the hearing impaired to do exactly that!

Superbugs: No, it’s not a beetle in a super suit! Dr Hosam Zowawi from the University of Queensland is researching how antibiotic-resistant bacteria grows, develops and spreads in an effort to find a more efficient way to diagnose and destroy them.

All that and more on a very medically sound episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Watch Scope Season 3 Episode 66 Bodies and Beyond now!