EPISODE: 3/039 Bird Science

Spread your wings and get ready to fly into an episode full of feathery science! Witness the incredible birds of prey in action, get up close to a baby penguin on Phillip Island, and examine how a budgie’s natural talent to avoid obstacles could help develop tomorrow’s flying technology.

Birds of Prey – They rule the skies with heightened senses, lightning speed and a ferocious appetite and it’s up to Keeper Tess Carey from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to take care of these remarkable birds.

DIY Science – Bird Beaks – The right tool for the right job! Junior Scientist Alice demonstrates with a simple experiment why different birds have such varied beaks.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Penguin Burrow Checks – On Phillip Island lives the largest colony of ‘Little Penguins’ in the whole world! Paula Wasiak– a specialist penguin research scientist with Phillip Island Nature Parks explains some of the amazing observations they’ve made from this colony over the past 45 years.

Great Cocky Count – The number of cockatoos in a certain area is a good indication of what shape that ecosystem is in. Caroline Minton an Environmental Programme Manager from Murdoch University knows this and is exactly why she’s been studying these amazing birds.

Budgie Avoidance – Birds are not only great at soaring though open skies. They’re also particularly skilled when it comes to ducking and dodging obstacles in their flight path. Dr Ingo Schiffner from the University of Queensland has been studying these birds to see how we could adapt their natural talent for avoidance to future flying technology.

For everything feathers, beaks and wings, fly in for another episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extra ordinary.

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