EPISODE: 2/164 Biomimicry

Be inspired by the natural world in this episode of Scope that is all about biomimicry! Biomimicry is really just a fancy word for cool scientific innovations that are inspired by nature, and this week we dish up some marvellous mimicry stories. Meet a scientist who is trying to mimic how molluscs make mother of pearl, check out some sea dragons that disguise themselves by looking like plants, and find out why a scientist is building a robot that walks like a variety of animals!  

Scope in a Flash
Ted reports on the latest invention from researchers at Festo in Germany who prove they have biomimicry down to an art with their new Dragonfly Robot.

Modelling Mother of Pearl
Meet a scientist who is trying to uncover the mother of pearl mystery! Tiffany Walsh from Deakin University shows us how she and her team of scientists are trying to mimic the natural construction of mother of pearl in her lab.

Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons
Check out some marine species that have mastered the art of looking like plants! Alison Edmunds from the Melbourne Aquarium introduces us to some hard-to-spot leafy and weedy sea dragons.
Experiment – Spinning Seed Pods  
This experiment is 100% inspired by nature! Join Junior Scientist Boris as he makes a cardboard helicopter that spins to the ground in the same way some seed pods do! Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Hexapod Robot
Find out why a scientist is building a robot that can walk like a lizard, a caterpillar and a cockroach. Navinda Kottege from CSIRO shows us his Hexapod robot in action and reveals the benefits of programming it to walk like different creatures.

Water Biofiltration
Plants have a great way of filtering water. In this story we meet Ana Deletic, a researcher from Monash University, who is developing a water treatment system that is modelled on the way that plants filter water.

Be as cool as a sea cucumber and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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