Biological Change

EPISODE: 2/162 Biological Change

Life is all about change, and in this episode of Scope we meet the experts who study it! Get up close with some ever-changing cuttlefish, check out a robot that monitors changes in ice sheets and learn how the mummification process prevents change when we experiment with apples and some dehydrating ingredients!

Cuttlefish Lifecycle
Did you know cuttlefish are sometimes called ‘chameleons of the sea’ because of their ability to change their shape and colour? Learn more about these ever-changing sea creatures when Dr Mike Steer from SARDI takes us inside his research lab. Check out the SARDI website at

Scope in a Flash
Sometimes a robot can be a scientist’s best friend when it comes to monitoring changes in the environment! Ted reports on GROVER, NASA’s new robot designed to keep check of changes on Greenland’s ice sheet.

Sea Snake Research
Meet a scientist and her very slippery sea-dwelling research subjects! Kate Sanders from the University of Adelaide explains why she is studying the DNA of sea snakes and introduces us to some slithering specimens!
Experiment – Mummifying Apples
Mummification is all about preventing change! Junior Scientist Josephine sets out to find out a thing or two about the ingredients used in the preservation process. She experiments with some apples, table salt, Epsom salts and baking soda to find the best combination for mummification. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Scientist Under The Scope
In ‘Scientist Under The Scope’ we profile Dr Robbie Wilson, Zoologist at the University of Queensland. We find out lots of interesting things about Robbie, including what he loves about being a scientist, who his science hero is and the coolest project he’s ever worked on.

Photo Monitoring
Did you know your holiday snaps could be used for scientific research? In this story we meet Dr Martin Fluker from Victoria University who is using tourist snaps to monitor change in Australia’s national parks.

So change your channel to Ten and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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