EPISODE: 2/178 Big and Small

In this episode of SCOPE we look for the big and the small in the wide world of science! We take to the skies to discover the science behind huge hot air balloons, and dive into the oceans to learn a thing or two about some very big sea creatures – whales! We also spend some time with a sporting pro who hits super small balls across super big spaces.

Hot Air Balloon
Take a ride in a big balloon with Brian Garth from Global Ballooning. Be steered through the skies while discovering a whole lot of science behind hot air ballooning!

Boiling Point: the hottest in science news
Sally shares her favourite science stories from around the world. This week it’s a high-tech smarty ring, a new space surveillance telescope from DARPA and a fun fact about the Great Barrier Reef.  

The Science of Golf
Spend a day on the green with Christian Puccini from Golf SA, and see how professional golfers master the techniques of moving small balls over such big distances!

Experiment: Make Your Own Hot Air Balloon    
Learn a brand new way to make a balloon go from small… to big, when Junior Scientist Phoebe inflates a balloon using hot water and a glass bottle. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Whale Flukes
Have a whale of a time with Peta Beeman from Southern Cross University as she shows us how she tracks the migration of the biggest mammal in the sea!

Students and the Synchrotron
Check out how scientists study tiny things using big machines when students from William Ruthven Secondary College introduce us to the Australian Synchrotron.

For what’s big (and small!) in science join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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