Scope Season 3 Episode 081 BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES


EPISODE: 3/081 Beyond the Boundaries

Beyond the Boundaries: We smash Science for six, beyond the boundaries on this very sporting episode of SCOPE! We check out a bicycle of the 3D printed variety, we look into the science behind cricket bat construction and investigate the biomechanics of soccer!

3D Printed Bike: 3D printers have already revolutionised medicine and manufacturing and as James Novak from Griffith University explains they could soon find a place in the sporting world as well.

Cricket Bat Science: No summer would be complete without a cricket match and no cricket match would be complete without the bat! Stuart Kranzbuhler from Gray-Nicholls shows us exactly how they make the bats used to blast those balls beyond the boundaries!

DIY Science – Skateboard Wheels: On this radi-cool DIY science, junior scientist Harry investigates how wheel size could impact your performance when hitting the pavement.

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Soccer Biomechanics: They say practice makes perfect, but a more accurate adage might be perfect practice makes perfect. And to make sure that practice is perfect Kevin Ball from Victoria University studies soccer players’ biomechanics and adjusts their technique accordingly!

Stitch Pains: You may have experienced this when exercising; the dreaded stitch! Alex Wah from Goodlife investigates the sporty science behind a stitch and what you can do to prevent one.

So whether you swim, cycle or skate there’s something for everyone on this episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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