Scope Season 3 Episode 079 AT ONE WITH NATURE


EPISODE: 3/079 At One With Nature

At One With Nature: What’s sometimes stinky, has blood to donate, can paint your sky technicolour, can be traced up a gum tree and even offer some medical invention from deep beneath the sea? Well it’s nature of course!!! We look at the scientific testing that goes into animal blood donations, explore the new species of dung beetle helping our agricultural industries and we track some koalas to see what impact climate change is having.  

Animal Blood Donations: Donated blood is a vital resource when it comes to treating the seriously ill. But what about when the patient is an animal? Well, as Dr Derek McNair from The Parade Norwood Veterinary Clinic explains, the process is a little different.

Dung Beetles: The Dung Beetle may not have the best reputation but as Dr Bernard Boube and James Ryan from Dung Beetle Solutions explain, these poo pedalling pests are actually lending a helping hand to the farmers of Australia.

DIY Rainbows: No longer will you have to wait for the sunshine after a storm to catch one of these natural phenomenon. Junior Scientist Harry shows you how to create a rainbow in a jar with just some water, sugar and food colouring.

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Koala Tracking:
Koala researcher Dalene Adam from the University of Queensland heads out to Mt Barney to find out what effect our changing climate is having on these marvellous marsupials.  

Seashell Science: Vaccinations are the most effective way of defending a population against infectious disease. But protecting the vaccine as it make its way from the lab to your body can be tricky. That’s why Dr Kang Liang and Dr Paolo Falcaro from CSIRO have developed a new protective casing for vaccines inspired by sea shells!

So join Dr Rob as he finds himself at one with nature on this episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary will become the extraordinary.

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