Join Dr Rob at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as he takes SCOPE to all new heights in an episode dedicated entirely to our arboreal friends! Say hello to our local stick insect enthusiast Allanah as she talks you though everything you could want to know about these curious creatures, find out why koalas spend all day hugging trees and discover what it takes to become a bird keeper!

Stick Insects
Junior Scientist Allanah shows us her very impressive stick insect collection and explains all the ins and outs of taking care of these exemplars of evolutionary camouflage.

Tree Kangaroos
Join Dr Rob as he endeavours to find out more about one of our rarest and most peculiar native species: the tree kangaroo! Luckily for him, Sarah from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is there to answer any question he has about this adorable creature.

Koala Hugging Research
Koalas are tree huggers for a very cool reason, join Natalie Briscoe and Kathrine Handasyde from the University of Melbourne as they, armed with a weather station and thermal imaging camera, discover why this is.

Monkeying Around

Join one of our favourite junior scientists, India, for a very special segment of DIY science as she explains how to tell the difference between different species of monkeys.

Arboreal Reptiles
Say hello to Matt from Adelaide Zoo as he talks us through a couple of his favourite arboreal animals in his reptile collection; a colour changing chameleon and a quirky little tree frog.

SUTS: Bird Keeper
Ever wondered what it takes to look after, eagles, falcons and hawks? Join our good friend James from Healesville Sanctuary as he talks us through his job of looking after all the animals in the Birds of Prey collection at the sanctuary.

So join Dr Rob up a tree as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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