EPISODE: 3/045 Apex Predators 2

Apex Predators 2: Crocodiles, tigers and polar bears have a couple of things in common, they all sit at the top of their food chains and they all featured in this fierce episode of SCOPE all about apex predators. We give a health check to the king of the jungle, go on a research mission to find out why crocodiles dive and we check in on our very own native apex predators and the efforts to save them from extinction.

Lion Vet Check:
When you’re due for a check-up we simply visit the doctor but it’s not that easy when you’re one of the top apex predators in the world. We join physician to the animal kingdom Dr Michael Lynch from Melbourne Zoo as he performs a general health exam on this big cat.

Croc Diving: These ancient predators are known for their stealth in the water, but did you know they could dive? Meet Essie Rodgers and her bask of crocodiles from the University of Queensland who have been participating in a study to determine just how and why crocodiles dive to the murky depths of Australia’s rivers and swamps.

DIY Science – Gastroliths:
Rock on! Stones may not seem like an appetising meal to you or me but to crocodiles they’re all part of a healthy diet. Junior scientist India is on the case to find out why.

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Tiger Enrichment:
Being 150kg, 2.5m in length and reaching speeds of 95kph makes the Sumatran Tigers at Melbourne Zoo some very impressive and deadly hunters. Keeper Sheila Roe shows us how they keep predators at the top of their game.

Tassie Devil: These native Australian apex predators hold the title as the only carnivorous marsupials in the world! Jarrod Schenk from Queensland Zoo is working to keep these small but fierce animal from going extinct.  

So be at the ready as Dr Rob tackles this ferocious episode and once again proves that the ordinary become extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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