EPISODE: 3/009 Anything Goes

This week on SCOPE we’re all about anything and everything that’s science! We’ve searched far and wide to bring you a random selection of the best stories around. See tonnes of potatoes make their way through a potato processing plant. Check out a mozzie lab that is home to a variety of little bloodsuckers all in the name of research. And take a ride on the largest observation wheel in the Southern Hemisphere – the Melbourne Star – and discover how science makes it work!

Potato Factory
Pop into a potato processing factory and find out what happens to spuds once they leave the ground! Alisha Peeters from SAPotatoCo gives us a tour of the processing plant.

Boiling Point: The Hottest in Science News
Sally Celsius shares her favourite science stories from around the world! This week it’s the ‘goss’ on how polar bears keep warm in super cold weather, the lowdown on a fast new way of boiling water using terahertz radiation, and the latest on rooves that keep us cool.   

Mosquito Lab
Have your insect repellent at the ready as we go into a high security mozzie lab! Dr Jonathan Darbro from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute shows us where he keeps a variety of these little buzzy bloodsuckers for research.

Experiment: Balloon in a Bottle  
Want to know how to blow up a balloon in a bottle? You’re in luck! Join Junior Scientist Skye as she learns a thing or two about the properties of air. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.   

Batter up! It’s a story all about the sport and science of baseball! Hang out at a training session with the Brisbane Bandits and learn the tips, techniques (and science!) from the pros.

Melbourne Star
Head to great heights on the Melbourne Star – the biggest observation wheel in the Southern Hemisphere! Meet Technical Manager, Omar Elsayed, and find out how science makes this giant wheel spin.

Be random, and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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