Get your weekly dose of scientific goodness with Dr Rob this Thursday in yet another jam-packed episode of SCOPE! Learn how scientists track one of ocean’s smallest creatures; the prawn, discover what happens when art and science meet in a segment all about icy art and find out what scientific principles play a role in creating the greatest side dish of them all; hot chips!

Prawn Tagging
The ocean is a big place, encompassing almost 70% of the earth’s surface, and the prawns that live there are very small. So how are scientist meant to find out more about this important food source? Well that’s what Craig Noell from SARDI is here to tell you all about.

Ice Chandelier
Meet artist Nicholas Folland from the Art Gallery of South Australia as he shows you all of the things that art and science have in common in this very icy segment.

DIY Dancing Slime
Learn how to make some slime boogie! With only cornflour, water, an old speaker, you too can try this fun experiment at home.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Robo Boat
Boats are nothing new. After all they’ve been around for thousands of years. However this is one of the first boats to drive itself! Meet Dr Matthew Dunbabin from QUT as he demonstrates all of the amazing things this autonomous boat can do.

Cooking with Cole
Meet SCOPE’s favourite chef Cole, as he yet again reveals the science behind an ingredient that you can find in almost every kitchen in the world: oil!

For all that and more join Dr Rob once again when the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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