EPISODE: 3/011 Animals in Science


This week on SCOPE we brush up on our biology of the animal kind! Get into a sticky situation with a scientist who is collecting wombat DNA using sticky tape! Go on a private tour of a facility that houses some very precious endangered Aussie animals. And see some slithering snakes milked for their venom and made into an antivenom – a treatment for snake bites!

Sticky Wombats
What does sticky tape have to do with science and wombats? A lot! Meet Lauren White, a researcher from The University of Adelaide, and find out how putting sticky tape in wombat burrows helps her find out more about these cute creatures. 

Boiling Point: The Hottest in Science News
Sally Celsius shares her favourite science stories from around the world! This week it’s flying snakes in South East Asia, sloths that grow food on their own back, and an elephant that can speak Korean!

Endangered Australian Animals
Take a look inside a facility that helps to preserve endangered Aussie animals. Trish O’Hara from The University of Queensland takes us behind the scenes of her native wildlife facility to meet some Bridled Nailtailed Wallabies, Julia Creek Dunnarts and Mahogany Gliders.

My Pet Beared Dragon
Ever wondered what it would take to have a pet reptile? Wonder no more, as Junior Scientist Mason shows off how he simulated a natural environment (complete with heated rocks!) for his pet bearded dragon.

Antivenom Lab
Find out what goes on inside a lab that is home to snakes and horses! Sam Straniero from bioCSL shows us how he makes antivenom – a treatment for poisonous snake bites.

Penguin Research Facility
Step inside the Biology Discovery Centre at Flinders University and see why scientists are studying two Little Blue Penguins. Leslie Morrison and Diane Colombelli-Negrel give us the lowdown on their big research project for their little feathered friends.

Go primal, and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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