Scope Season 3 Episode 117 ANIMALS AND SCIENCE COLLIDE


EPISODE: 3/117 Animals and Science Collide

Animals and Science Collide: Join Dr Rob for a walk on the wild side as animals and science collide on this brand new episode of SCOPE! We explore the hunting habits of penguins, we predict pregnancies with roo poo and we put chickens to the test.

Penguin Pack: You might think of penguins as being cute and cuddly but they’re also very effective hunters! Meet Grace Sutton from Deakin University who has spent the past 2 years studying the foraging behaviors of the world’s smallest penguin species.

Poo Predictor: Gross as it may be, animal poo can tell you a lot about a species. As Dr Tamara Keeley from the University of Queensland explains, from eating habits to pregnancy, poo can be a great way of finding out how healthy an animal is.

DIY Science – Whale Blubber: Whales spend a lot of their time in the icy waters of the arctic; so how do they keep warm? Junior Scientist Jacques recreates whale blubber to try and answer this very question!

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Tiger Cubs: Tigers are the biggest of the big cats, not that you’d know that from this story.  Tiger Keeper Patrick Martin-Vegue from Dreamworld introduces us to some of the smaller members of the family- the new tiger cubs.

Chicken Clicker: Susan Hazel from the University of Adelaide has been training chickens to tell the difference between red and green. It may sound odd but her research is teaching us a lot about animal behaviors and the science of learning.

All that and more on an animalistic episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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