EPISODE: 3/058 Animal Science

Animal Science: Whether it’s big or small, got feathers or fins, you can guarantee it’s covered on this episode of SCOPE – It’s all about the science of animals! We head out to the Bunya Mountains to track some micro-bats.  We discover what it takes to look after an infant gorilla and we hit up the lab for some research on frog fungus!

Bat Survey: Weighing just 150 grams with a wingspan of around 25cm these little guys can be tough to spot! However spotting and surveying the micro-bats of the Bunya Mountains is all in a night’s work for Greg from Balance Environmental.

Baby Gorilla: Baby Kanzi is the latest member to join the Melbourne Zoo family. Keeper Jess McDonald and manager Amanda Embury recall the long process of bringing Kanzi into the world.

DIY Birdfeeder: Join Junior Scientists Luci and India as they attract more birdlife to their backyard with not one but two SCOPE approved birdfeeders!

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Frog Fungus: We join Michel Ohmer from the University of Queensland as she strives to cure a deadly fungus threatening to wipe out our native froggy friends!

Horse Hospital: When you get sick you visit a doctor, when your horse gets sick you visit Dr Erik Noschaka from University of Adelaide! Join him as he shows us around the state of the art facilities at the Equine Health and Performance Centre.

So slither, swim and skulk your way to another episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extra ordinary.

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