Scope Season 3 Episode 071 ANIMAL KINGDOM


EPISODE: 3/071 Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom: In this episode of SCOPE we take a walk on the wild side and explore the science of the Animal Kingdom! We investigate pesky crabs invading the shores of South Australia, we go diving with some the largest predatory sharks on the planet and we discover how important pedicures are to an elephant!

Penguin Poo Probe: What goes in must come out and you can tell a lot about an animal just from that! Sally Sherwen from Zoos Victoria is learning all about the emotional states of her Little Penguins!

Invasive Crabs: The European Shore Crab is an invasive crustacean that has been decimating our native wildlife.  Luckily, Rene Teresa Campbell and Kat Evans-Sanchez from Flinders University are taking the fight back to the crabs by developing methods to trap and capture these unwanted guests.

DIY Science – Sea Star Science: What has no head or body but many arms and many legs? Give up? It’s sea stars and Junior Scientist Olivia is out and about to give us the low-down on these incredible marine creatures.

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Shark Diving: The White Pointers of South Australia are some of the largest sharks in the world! Growing up to six meters long and weighing more than two thousand kilograms these amazing creatures, as Matt Waller from Adventure Bay Charters explains, are the some of the most impressive predatory animals on the planet.

Elephant Pedicures:
It’s not just Mums that enjoy getting pedicures, turns out elephants do to! Dr Olga Panagiotopoulou from the University of Queensland has been studying these mammalian giants, and their feet, to get a better understanding of how these pedicures could better help prevent nasty foot infections.

All that and more on an animalistic episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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