Amazing Machines

Amazing Machines


Get ready for an amazing episode of SCOPE packed full of some of the most amazing machines going around! Catch up with some swarming robots performing displays in the sky, check out some of the automation at a sprout farm, and follow an unmanned aerial vehicle as it helps fire fighters save lives!

Ever wondered what it’s like to fly like Superman or slice through the air like the Silver Surfer? Our friend Pete O’Neil tells us all about the new water sport taking the world by storm – Flyboarding! Join us on the water and in the air as Pete shows us why Flyboarding is so super.

Meet My Robot

Say hello to Horst Hortner from ARS Electronica Future Lab and his flying robot friends as he explains the science behind his magnificent, robotic, aerial lightshow!

Dr Rob is joined by Robert Zlot from CSIRO to discuss the latest and greatest gadget in the field of 3D Mapping. Zebedee is a handheld laser scanner which generates 3D maps of challenging environments such as caves, shipwrecks and now, the Scope bunker!

DIY Paper Torch
You probably use a pencil and paper every day, but did you know you can use them to conduct electricity? Join Erika and Hayley from Endeavour College as they build a simple homemade torch!

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Brussels Sprouts Sorter
Brussels sprouts may not be your favourite food, but after Leigh Samwell takes you through the planting and harvesting process out at Eastbrook Vegetable Farms you’ll have a new found respect for the little vegetable that could.

Fire UAV
Tim Wadsworth from Melbourne’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade introduces us to their newest recruit. The addition of an Unmanned Ariel Vehicle, or UAV, allows the tactical response unit to pin-point hot spots with the thermal imaging camera and potentially save lives.

So join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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