Scope Season 3 Episode 080 AIR LAND AND SEA


EPISODE: 3/080 Air, Land and Sea

Air, Land and Sea: You can find it in the sea, you can find it on the land, you can find it in the air, you can find it ANYWHERE! It’s SCIENCE!! And that’s exactly what Dr Rob uncovers in this episode of Air Land and Sea Science.  Book yourself in to the Altitude Hotel, where you’re guaranteed more than just a good night’s sleep.  Find out how the slimy skin of fish could actually be the perfect ingredient for sunscreen.  We set off on an expedition to map Australia’s soil, and we’ve put together a DIY Hovercraft that will have you racing with your friends.

High Altitude Hotel: Restricted oxygen isn’t usually a great selling point. But as Dr Rob Aughey from Victoria University explains, that’s the exact reason these guests keep returning to the ‘High Altitude Hotel’.

Fishy Sunscreen: Fish slime, algae and crustacean shells may not be the first thing that pops to mind when told to slip, slop and slap. But for Vincent Bulone from the ARC Centre of Excellence that’s exactly what his new sunscreen is made from!

DIY Science – Hovercraft: You may be pretty adept at making a paper airplane but how about a CD hovercraft? Junior Scientists Lauren and Caleb test out the latest and greatest in DIY hovercraft designs!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Soil Grid: Soil can tell us a lot about a country’s past, present and future. Mike Grundy from CSIRO is helping people understand the stuff beneath our feet a little better with the ‘Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia’.

Balancing Wetlands:
The stench of raw sewerage is usually enough to turn anyone away. But the odour of the Western Treatment Plant in Victoria attracts birds and scientists alike. William Steele from Melbourne Water explains why these wetlands are so appealing to our feathered friends.

So join Dr Rob as he hits the Air Land and Sea on this episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary will become the extraordinary.

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