Active Science

Active Science


Active Science: Grab your water bottle, put on your joggers and get ready to sweat up a storm in an episode all about the science of getting active! There is research of the kite surfing variety, a machine that kicks goals and a GPS device for tracking the activities of Australia’s youth.

Kite Surfing Research – Imagine flying, spinning and flipping through the air all in the name of science! Well that’s exactly how Andy Yates from Ozone kite surfing, performs his research!

AFL Kicking Machine – It’s not just your favourite athletes that have a talent for kicking. Sammuel Sobey and David Haydon from the University of Adelaide have developed a robot with the perfect kick!

DIY – Lung Capacity – No time to catch your breath, it’s onto a fun filled experiment with junior scientist Phoebe all about lung capacity.

Email us for experiment instructions!

Muscle Memory – How does muscle memory actually work? Dr Rob meets up with Dr Tim Carroll at the Centre for Movement Science at the University of Queensland to investigate this scientific phenomenon.

GPS Youth Exercise
– With a combination of accelerometers, inclinometers and GPS trackers, Professor Jo Salmon from Deakin University is monitoring one of the most active species on the planet; the human teenager!

So get warmed up, do your stretches and get all your active science know-how courtesy of Scope; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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