Fancy a fun-filled, fast-pace science show full of fascinating facts, flashy features and a faint hint of flatulence? Well look no further! This week on Scope we are all about the letter F! Take a closer look at the physics of figure skating, get to the bottom of what fermentation really is, find out why scientists are attaching tiny sensors to the back of fruit flies, and check out the flippers, fins and photos used in a dolphin researcher’s latest project!

Dolphin Fins
Marine biologists have been studying dolphins for many years… and Dr Kate Charlton-Robb from Monash University is one of them! But her technique for studying these amazing creatures is quite unique – she takes photos and identifies each animal using special markings on their fins!

Figure Skating
A double salchow, a cross foot spin, a triple toe... these names might seem unusual, but James and India from Silver Blades Ice Skating Club explain all, as they skate through the science of this precision sport.

DIY Experiment: Fire Extinguisher

Ever wanted to blow out your birthday candles without all the huff and puff? Well this is the experiment for you! Elizabeth our junior scientist steps through the process of making your own fire extinguisher!

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Confectionary Factory
Richard Sims has a pretty sweet job! As General Manager at Robern Menz, he is in charge of producing many treats – including honeycomb! He takes us on a tour of his factory and reveals the secret ingredient – science!

Cooking with Cole – Fermentation
Step into Cole’s Kitchen as Cole Thomas whips up another delicious meal while describing the very interesting process of fermentation.

So fly in and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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