Wallabies and Los Pumas 16 All

A draw for the final match of the year

The Tri Nations finale was Australia versus Argentina at the Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta.

Australia took the kick-off. The ball was slippery after the rain causing the Pumas to lose the ball.

The Wallabies had control of the ball early but couldn’t break through the Pumas defence.

It soon became a kicking game with both teams moving the ball down the field.

Australia were awarded a penalty in the 10th minute and they took a line-out instead of a kick for goal.

Reece Hodge got close to the line, but Argentina stole the ball and kicked it clear.

In the 15th minute Marcos Kremer of Argentina was given a yellow card for a dangerous contact. Hodge took the penalty kick and put the first points on the board. Australia 3 – Argentina 0

The rain got increasingly heavy as the match went on.

Nicholas Sanchez levelled the scores in the 18th minute with a penalty kick hitting the upright but going through. Australia 3 – Argentina 3

Both teams were having small attacking bursts, but the slippery ball was a problem.

The Wallabies captain Michael Hooper received a yellow card and 10 minutes in the sin bin for a high clearing tackle. The precedence had been set with the previous yellow card. Nicholas Sanchez had to leave the field for a HIA after the incident.

With Sanchez off, Domingo Miotti took a penalty kick in the 30th minute and put the Pumas in the lead. Australia 3 – Argentina 6

Argentina took advantage of Australia being a man down and had a strong run down the field from a scrum. Bautista Delguy had a big palm off to lead to the first try of the match. Miotti converted the try. Australia 3 – Argentina 13

The slippery ball continued to be a problem for both teams, but Argentina were getting the better breaks when they could hold on to the ball.

The end of the first half siren had gone and Australia had their best chance of the match to score a try from a scrum, but the Pumas defence held them out. From a penalty directly in front of the posts Hodge closed the gap to seven points. Australia 6 – Argentina 13

The second half kicked off with both teams playing fast and kicking.

The heavy rain continued to fall.

Reece Hodge moved the Wallabies closer to the Argentinian score with a penalty kick. Australia 9 – Argentina 13

Sanchez limped off in the 56th minute so Miotti came back on for Argentina.

The 59th minute saw Lukhan Salakai-Loto receive a red card for high tackle on Santiago Grondona. Australia were down a man for the rest of the match.

Miotti took the penalty kick and had no problem with the distance or the torrential rain. Australia 9 – Argentina 16

From a line-out the Wallabies had a strong driving maul getting close to the Pumas line, but Argentina brought the maul down. Lucas Paulos received a yellow card for this.

The next play by the Wallabies saw Michael Hooper being driven over the line to score Australia’s first try. Hodge’s strong kick levelled the score. Australia 16 – Argentina 16

With two minutes to go and the scores tied, Hodge had a penalty kick from 48 metres out to try and put the Wallabies in the lead. But his kick went wide.

Both teams pushed to the last to try and avoid another draw but the match ended too soon for them. Australia 16 – Argentina 16