About the Show

Workshop Wars is a television series that encapsulates every aspect of performance enhanced cars. In each 23 minute episode we will watch our four teams competing,taking a stock standard car and turning it into a street machine. We will take you on a journey of every car fans dream.

We will look at the history of the car, and get to know the team behind it, transforming it into a street monster. Tempers will flare and teams will compete against each other using the latest technology and fabricating whatever is necessary to get their team to the top. Make no mistake these workshops have history both and on and off the track, there will be no love lost. Teams will compete in a drag race, speed time trials, motorkhana and best presented car competition. Our workshops will be using a mix of old school and late model cars in a winner takes all competition. Old rivalries of Ford Vs GM Holden will ignite. We will be featuring cars including, a fully ground up restoration of a XY Ford GTHO Phase 3 Falcon, by AN Racing in Sydney. The team at Superformance in Brisbane are slamming a 1980’s Chevy C10 truck. Geelong Performance Centre are supercharging the last Holden VF SS Commodore, and the boys at Horsepower Factory in Dandenong are transforming a 6.4 litre SRT Jeep.

Get behind your teams and enjoy the ride. Car enthusiasts from all walks of life will follow us on a journey that will engage and entertain. We will showcase performance products in real hands on situations, testing them to the limits.