Week 11 Winners Recipe

Ramsay Horton is the talk of the party with his spicy meat balls....

What’s the inspiration behind your recipe, and can you recall the moment the idea was born?

The inspiration for my recipe comes from cooking with my mum and my late Nanna. We always had so much fun in the kitchen together and entertaining for parties. As long I can remember my Nanna has had dementia and so she would often come up with creative interpretations of recipes when she couldn't remember certain ingredients. One time when she was trying to make some meat balls with us she came up with an entirely new version of mum's recipe and since her passing, mum and I have had fun recreating her version of these tasty canapés. Jangles as they are now are our favourite mix that came out of our time with her.

Horton's Jangles

Who do you think your recipe is perfect for?

My recipe is perfect for anyone who likes to entertain and doesn't necessarily have the time to sort out something tasty from scratch. People who like the idea of using a frozen product but are bored of the same old products will find these are really different to anything on the market at the moment. They suit any size event as they are so easy to prepare that you only need to know how many are coming!

How has your recipe evolved since the first time you made it, and what were the challenges of preparing a commercial quantity?

The recipe has been very dynamic since the beginning. I have made more than five types of Jangles that have been a hit with family and friends. It's been so fun to try different types of meats and adding new ingredients depending on what is on hand at the time. The current version on sale has been the most popular amongst my friends so far.

The batch up to make a commercial quantity was really hard. I have made tons of them before but I have never used a commercial kitchen and so a lot of the machines were a outside my comfort zone. In particular, I normally like to take my time to make each of the balls using spoons, but when you are making 900 that is going to take a huge amount of the limited time available. In the end piping the balls saved on time and didn't impact on the shape too much and this saved me in the batch up challenge.

What was the best piece of advice you received from the judges?

The key piece of advice for me was from Nobby when he explained how I need to move away from the word 'balls' and find a new fun term. Basically I can't have people going in to Woolworths looking for a generic term, the consumer needs to be going in to the store with the intention of buying my specific product and so it needed a really unique name.

What was the most surprising thing you learnt about the process of turning a recipe into a commercial product?

The most surprising thing for me was just how much is involved in getting a product on the shelves. I always thought that you just had a good product and the rest sort of fell into place, but it actually takes so many people and skills and creative ideas to get to the point where anyone in Australia can go and buy your product. It's so highly competitive that you have to have a really special mix of a great recipe, marketing plan and drive to get to the next level, it isn't as easy as it might look!

From your experience, what advice what you give someone who has an idea but doesn’t know where to start trying to make a success out of it?

I think the main advice would be to really do your homework beyond your awesome recipe. There are so many elements involved in taking a product to the next level that go beyond just having a potentially successful product. You are going to need help from people in areas such as marketing which go beyond the kitchen in order make it to the shelves. You can't do it all and that's why it was so amazing to have these awesome mentors provide their expertise in each of these fields. Use your network to gain insight into the areas which you are not as strong in.

What does the future hold for yourself and your recipe? Any other great ideas in the pipeline you could give us a taster of?

The future is looking exciting. I have never had an experience like this and I want to make the most of what I have learnt. I will always be making jangles for my friends and family, and if I am not successful in the show I am going to find another way to make a start and get my product out there.

I think that all the different types of jangles that I have made in the past are really fun and I would love to try to get all of them out there for people to try. I also think there are really tasty ways to serve them up which range from simple to fancy, and I think there is a lot of potential for getting my ideas on the shelves to make canapés really easy, unique and fun.