Grand Final Winners Interview

Recipe to Riches Grand Final Winner interview with Garth Midgley

How does being crowned Recipe to Riches winner feel, and how did you rate your chances going into finale?

It feels unbelievable and I'm still pinching myself. I've always believed in my product and I rated my chances as high, but there were plenty of other great products there and I didn't know what to expect at the moment the decision would be announced.

Waiting for the judges’ decision in your heat would have been nerve-wracking enough, but what was going through your head as you were waiting for the overall winner to be announced at finale?

It was really all a blur and when they said I was the winner, I kind of went 'did I just hear Chocorn'? It was amazing. 

Of your fellow contestants, who did you think was a strong bet for the title?

I knew Vicki and Connie were strong contenders because I'd heard their products had sold out in quite a few stores. 

Of the other Recipe to Riches products that have appeared over the season, which ones particularly made you lick your lips?

That's a good question. I have a sweet tooth and I'm a massive fan of chilli, so my two favourite products were Hickory Hollow Smoked Sauce and Sweet Billies. 

Without wanting to give away trade secrets, do you have any recipes that you think might have been strong contenders in the other heat categories?

Yes I do…without giving away too much, whatever I do, I always experiment and I like to cook every cuisine out there. I use a recipe as a guide and I have plenty of other ideas up my sleeve.

Casting your mind back, can you describe the feeling of seeing your product on the shelf for the very first time?

It was amazing to see Chocorn on the shelf after 10 years of experimenting and working on it. I was also amazed at how emotional it was, particularly after working on it for so long and to see my dream come true. 

How does it feel knowing that the recipe you love has been so thoroughly embraced by the Australian public?

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Being embraced by someone you don't know is incredible. 

What words do you have for the judges who helped guide you and your recipe during the series?

From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to say a big thank you.

If someone had told you before the show began that you would be standing here at the end as the Recipe to Riches winner, what would you have said to them?

I was confident in Chocorn and had spent years of experimenting and receiving feedback. But the other products were great and the competition was always going to be tough. 

What does your Recipe to Riches adventure have in store for you next?

I can't wait to see what the next stage is! Doors will open and I'm so excited about working with Woolworths. I have about 20 different ideas! And to make a living out of Chocorn, well, I feel like Willy Wonka!