Della Rosa

Della Rosa wasn’t Emilio De Lorso’s first foray into the food business - he started Don Emilio in his home garage in 1989.

After years of hard work and dedication, he was awarded the title of ‘Victorian small business of the year’ in 1997. More recently Emilio noticed the absence of a premium gourmet topped pizza for the affluent customer, and returned to the industry to form Della Rosa Fresh Foods in 2010. His original range consisted solely of quality gourmet stone baked pizzas.

Striving to be at the forefront of the pizza sector, Della Rosa worked closely with Woolworths business teams and specialists to create new, innovative alternatives to traditional fresh stone baked pizzas.

Della Rosa

One such innovation happened when Della Rosa launched a rectangular, topped pizza range. These are each hand-stretched and hand-topped with fresh gourmet ingredients before being supplied fresh to customers. Once at home, they only require 8-10 minutes cooking time.

Della Rosa are currently creating a new pizza line and expanding their factory in Melbourne. Their collaboration with Woolworths has helped them grow exponentially and develop exceptional quality products. It's a very rewarding partnership according to Emilio, "We talk with the guys at Woolworths, and bounce around ideas for different products. If something seems exciting to both of us, we'll look into developing it and finding out what the customer thinks. It's great to add a different head and heart into the mix."

This shared passion for fresh food and great ideas has created an equally passionate relationship between the two. As such, Emilio relays - “(Woolworths) are focused on quality first. Money only gets talked about later".

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