Oysters Two ways and Royal Blue Potato Blini with Hot Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraiche and Caviar  

Serves 2
  • Steps
  • Ingredients


  1. Cover the base of a serving plate with rock salt. Place three oysters in their shell on the prepared serving plate.
  2. Place the onion, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce into a small bowl.
  3. Spoon over the oysters, with finger lime and caviar pearls to serve.
  4. For the Tempura oysters, heat the vegetable oil to 180C to deep-fry.
  5. Combine the flours in a bowl, add the soda water, use a whisk to mix. don’t over mix.
  6. Place the mayonnaise and tabasco into a small bowl, mix to combine. Spoon onto three clean oyster shells. Place onto the prepared serving plate.
  7. Coat three oysters in the batter then deep fry until lightly golden.
  8. Place the tempura oysters on top of the dressing. Top with black caviar to serve.