About the Show

READY SET DANCE is a participatory preschool dance series designed to get young kids up and moving. The series stars CG animated Freeze and Twirl as well as the Kid Crew consisting entirely of Australian dancers. Each episode features a performance from the Kid Crew as part of a story-driven, mini-musical set to an originally composed soundtrack with musical cues. Instructed by TWIRL and FREEZE, kids at home are encouraged to jump up and learn the moves of the day, practicing throughout the show alongside the Kid Crew. To end they can join their fellow preschoolers onscreen for a preschool dance party. Bursting with energy the locally produced series features fun and energetic episodes designed specifically for preschoolers aged two - five years old. Differing from other dance shows on the market, the show is underpinned by a core educational curriculum designed to teach kids fundamental movement skills while building confidence, coordination and creativity.