Playing For Keeps Rocked By Tahlia’s Leaked Nudes

Tahlia’s cyber civil rights were wantonly abused on Playing For Keeps the other night, and oh boy, what will the mothers of suburban teenagers think? Right, Diane?!

We’ve all done it – “We”, being consenting adults with mobile phones, and “all” being a massive generalisation – taken a sexy pic and sent it to a significant other. And if you’re a woman who’s been in the unfortunate position of having a sexy pic leaked – you’ve probably stood at the centre of an uproarious public debate about whether you asked for it.

Playing For Keeps Season 2

This is precisely what went down on episode four of Playing For Keeps the other night, when model, influencer and swimwear designer Tahlia Woods (Olympia Valance), on the eve of signing a retail purchase agreement with department stores looking to stock her swimwear line, found naked bathroom selfies she’d sent Conner (Jackson Gallagher) while they were together, had been leaked to the gossip rags.

Now, Conner didn’t leak them himself, his phone was stolen. And he was too slow at doing the whole ‘erase device remotely’ thing. And even slower at doing the whole ‘erase once you’ve broken up’ thing. Which the girls agree he should have done. And which also sounds like a lot of effort in a world where every accidental pocket-screengrab is uploaded to a cloud full of stuff you can’t be bothered sifting through.

Playing For Keeps Season 2

But back to the real victim – Tahlia. Who, as you can imagine, handled this with a shrug and a cold stare, despite it being a total violation of her privacy and, as Paige (Cece Peters) pointed out, a perfectly understandable reason to not be OK.

And in an episode that was #topical #relatable, all the arguments surrounding this issue were played out, mostly between Tahls and her ex-mother-in-law and silent business partner, Diane (Alison Whyte). Who under no circumstances was going to blame her son for being slow at deleting things, but was dead keen on Tahlia issuing an apology.

Playing For Keeps Season 2

Their exchange went something like this:

Issue and apology.

An apology? I sent naked photos to my husband.

Suburban mothers of teenage girls aren’t gonna get behind this behaviour [and buy your designer togs] … All you have to say is that you regret your actions, it was a lapse in judgement, and you’ve learnt a valuable lesson.

Tahlia gave in and issued the apology, because her career is important, and there are generations who still believe women should be meek and modest and if they are, they might be allowed to get something they want, because they’ve been such a good girl.

Playing For Keeps Season 2

Then at the press event, Diane told Tahlia, who was wearing a strapless top, that the retailers wanted her to have “less flesh on display”, to which Tahlia responded, “It’s a swimwear range, [duh]”, before hammering her with – “How does kowtowing to the man fit with your OG feminism, Diane?”


Playing For Keeps Season 2

Tahlia then proceeded to snarl a speech at the press in which she shamed body shamers, retracted her apology, and refused to be anyone’s punching bag.

And mothers of teenage daughters of all locales, should deffo get behind that.

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