About the Show

Join intrepid traveller Jennifer Adams as she is warmly welcomed by the locals into Armidale is New South Wales – a thriving cosmopolitan regional city with an incredible backyard that humbles the most discerning of nature lovers.

With spectacular waterfalls, gorges, World-Heritage National Parks and a fascinating and diverse cultural heritage, Armidale has for a long time been somewhat of a hidden gem.

From experiencing the magic of sunrise over ancient forests, to hovering over iconic waterfalls from the air, having the thriving art and culture scene brought to life, and being inspired by the passion of the locals running micro- brewery’s and historic hotels – Armidale is a place Jen says to put on your bucket list.

“Make sure you take the time to meet the people. Australia has so many treasures for us travellers to truly explore and enjoy – all here in our backyard. I’m so glad we’re shining the light on the regions. They are utterly fascinating when you plan it like you would an overseas adventure” says Jen.