About the Allegations

David McLeod issues a statement about the allegations made by Tanya Keegan.

Tanya Keegan and I co-hosted the ‘Mornings Live’ breakfast television show for a period of four months.

Towards the end of that time, on three occasions, our relationship went beyond the professional and we became romantically involved.

Contrary to Ms Keegan’s allegations, I was separated from my wife Alison at the time, and it was over a year before Alison was diagnosed with cancer.

My liason with Ms Keegan came to an unremarkable end. I never ‘threatened’ her in any way. I never, at any point, sought to negatively impact her career. We simply went our separate ways.

The majority of Ms Keegan’s statements tonight were self-serving fabrications.

This will be my only response to the matter. We are in the last week of a critical election campaign and I will be devoting all my energy towards outlining our bold and dynamic plan for the state.