2 McLeod takes the stage

A new face for the Opposition promises a new era for business

Since the surprise resignation of Opposition leader, Neil Thorby, new campaign leader David McLeod has stepped firmly into the spotlight.

The former political journalist and MPEC chairman has dominated morning radio and the nightly news with voters and commentators alike eager to hear more about McLeod’s vision for a greater Victoria.

Ray Burstall from The Institute of Business Affairs further declared his support for Mr McLeod on the Martin Simms Morning Show: “David McLeod is not afraid to
make the tough decisions that Victoria needs to address the state deficit. This is a time for prudent financial management and economic reform and the Ballard Government has proven that is not up to the task.”

Even shock jock, Martin James, was quick to jump on board the David train:“Before David McLeod was announced this year’s election promised to be a yawn fest with depressing results. Thank god the Coalition has a new leader with some get go! McLeod is man who has and can get things done.”

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