2 McLeod leads polls

McLeod leads polls

FOR years, households across Melbourne were accustomed to waking up to David McLeod on his longstanding breakfast radio show, Morning Live, and his six am greeting: “Good Morning, Melbourne."

But in the wake of the Opposition’s surprise announcement, Victorians seem more than happy to spend the morning, afternoon and evening with the charismatic new campaign leader.

Pictures of the photogenic McLeod have been circulating facebook and twitter with hashtags #premierdavid and #mcleod4vic trending across the state.

Even the Finance Review Weekly has jumped on board featuring a smiling McLeod on the cover with the headline: “A new face for Victorian business?"

David McLeod has indeed come out loud and clear, promising to commit to the great State of Victoria and vowing to restore confidence in the business sector.

“I want a Victoria that’s as brilliant and prosperous as I know it can be. A place where a boy from Doncaster could go on to build companies, to sit on boards, to live life to its fullest potential.”

The Ballard Government has had a major dip in polling numbers since McLeod was announced, indicating that Victorians could be ready for a new
leader. For McLeod, the reasons for the poll bounce in the Opposition’s favour were clear: “Infighting, inefficiency, pointless red tape and billions of dollars of waste. What I’m hearing is that people want change.”

To make this change happen and become Victoria’s next Premier, McLeod will firstly have to win over voters in Neil Thorby’s former electorate, Mount Waverley.

McLeod is scheduled to visit Mount Waverley today to shake hands, kiss babies and flash that trademark smile. The Ballard Government is likely to be watching closely, as judging by McLeod’s surge in the polls and the buzz on social media, this popular new leader is likely to be embraced with open arms.

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