Here Come The Proudmans: Five Reasons We All Love Offspring

It’s been two long years, but the wait is nearly over. Offspring is coming back and my how we’ve missed it. From love and laughter, to turbulence and tears, here are five reasons we can’t get enough of the Proudmans

Sister Act

Forget the men in Nina’s life, the relationship that has endured giddyingly high highs and incredibly low lows is the sisterly bond between Nina and Billie. Seriously, not many sisters would be each other’s best friend and housemate after one had slept with the other’s boyfriend. But Nina and Billie have come through hell and high broken waters, yet still come running when the other yells and we love them for it.

Offspring, season 6, channel ten

Family Feuds

Who doesn’t secretly want to be part of the Proudman family? Conventional they are not, but love, loyalty and laughs they do by the bucketload. When the chips are down, we’d want a Proudman to have our back (even if they are nicking said chips every time you turn it).

Offspring, season 6, channel ten

Office Gossip

If you’re after a compliment or someone to keep your secret then look elsewhere. But if you want banter, pranks and merciless mocking, look no further than the staff at St Francis’ Hospital. Not ones to keep the personal and professional separate, this team has dabbled in love, lust, sperm donorship and more in between.

Offspring, season 6, channel ten

Style Setter

Nina may not always have her thoughts together, but she pulls together an amazing outfit with ease. The layering. The mix of accessories. The boho meets city chic style. Many try to imitate, but all too often end up looking like a child who’s raided the dressing up box. Not one to follow the Coco Chanel school of simplicity, Nina has become a veritable style icon.

Offspring, season 6, channel ten

Glorious Imperfections

Fitzroy’s finest may be gorgeous, but they don’t pretend to be flawless. The Proudmans are a messy family, muddling through as best they can. They may soar through some days smiling, but all too often a bird is hovering overhead ready to mess all over them. But hey, that’s meant to be good luck isn’t it? And just sometimes, a Proudman can make that mess shine. Maybe this will be the year that happens.

Offspring season 6 is coming soon to TEN