Where's the Gang at in Season 5?

With the New Girl gang all coming to their respective crossroads last season, there are plenty of changes afoot heading into year five. The Insider looks ahead to what’s in store for Jess and friends…


Given Zooey Deschanel’s pregnancy, we know that Jess will be absent for four episodes this season. And just how will the writers handle this seismic casting shift? By recruiting Megan Fox to the ensemble in her stead. 

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Don’t think Jess is getting short shrift though – we see unfinished business in her and Nick’s future. Season four gave them some breathing space, but will this be the year Jess climbs back aboard the Nick train?

new girl season 5 channel eleven


Nick’s relationship with Jess seemed to dominate his arc this past season. True, they weren’t actually back together, but ‘will they, won’t they?’ remained the million-dollar question. But Nick isn’t defined by who he dates; his greatest moments have been when he’s had to deal with life problems way outside his comfort zone, like meeting his father, or being an undercover detective in a classroom. How will he surprise us – and himself – next?


A constant source of singleton entertainment, is Schmidt about to finally become a one-woman man? His ongoing feelings for Cece led him to finally propose in the season four finale, to which she said yes (thankfully). Now the cat and mouse game seems to be over, let’s see if Schmidt is capable of being a fully-functioning adult. We’ve got our fingers crossed for this couple, but Schmidt will be Schmidt…

new girl season 5 channel eleven


According to New Girl creator Liz Meriweather, Cece will be far more of an open book this season. So far, she’s kind of just been an accessory to the group; whether she’s the platform by which Schmidt realises what he wants, or to guide Jess in the right direction. That’s all about to change. Will she and Schmidt actually tie the knot? And will we actually meet Cece’s mother? At least one of the answers is yes.


Season four was the season of Winston! He finally got off the couch, got rid of Ferguson his cat, and got a job. Even more, he got a job as a police officer! Will Winston go from strength to strength in season five? If actor Lamorne Morris’ hints are anything to go by, we might finally be seeing a fully-fledged love interest cross his path. Consider our interest piqued.

New Girl season 5 airs 8.00 Thursdays on ELEVEN