New Girl vs Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Call the crossover cops – acclaimed comedies New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are about to share the screen.

The crossover episode isn’t for the faint of heart, such is the potential for disaster when making fictional worlds collide. But when their respective show runners announced that New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be sharing an instalment, our interest was instantly piqued.

Details are scarce on exactly how they plan to cross paths, over than the episode will be set in Nine-Nine’s New York stomping ground. And given Winston’s current rookie cop status in New Girl, the smart money would be on him being the bridge between worlds.

“Stay tuned for our two casts to do a soulful R&B number on I, co-anchor the FOX 10 O’Clock News and connect for a touchdown on NFL Sunday,” joked Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Dan Goor, suggesting (with tongue firmly in cheek) that this was just the first of many crossovers on the cards.

“But in all seriousness, we’re all huge fans of New Girl here at the Nine-Nine, and we’re excited to see our characters interact and to work with their incredible writers and producers. And also to see what their craft services are like, compared to ours.”

New Girl creator Elizabeth Merriweather was equally light-hearted about the forthcoming union. “The crossover episode has historically been the artistic high point of any show that has dared to attempt it... New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will proudly and humbly go where few shows have gone since the 1990s.

We know we have big shoes to fill, and we look forward to disappointing everyone.”

‘New Girl Nine-Nine’ will air in the US in October.