Taylor Glockner

Taylor Glockner

Charming, charismatic and self-assured, Mason is a natural people person.

Mason is impulsive and easily influenced. He often acts before thinking and this has caused some serious consequences in the past. Mason’s alliance with bad boy Robbo set him down a path of juvenile crime for which he paid the price of six months in juvie.

At the heart of it all, Mason’s a good person who does the wrong things for the right reasons.

Matt has always been hard on his eldest son, Mason, and has high expectations of him.

Mason is desperate for his father’s approval and is constantly frustrated when his actions bring about Matt’s disappointment instead. And unlike everyone else who orbits Mason’s universe, Matt can’t be charmed.

Deep down Mason feels his relationship with his father changed forever the night that Matt arrested him for a robbery in Mount Isa and allowed Bailey to walk free… an event which altered the course of the entire family.

While he’s mostly upbeat and light-hearted, Mason’s determined, ambitious and not used to being knocked back – especially when it comes to the ladies.

After arriving in Erinsborough and setting his sights on Kate, he was surprised when she gave him the cold shoulder. But his persistence paid off and allowed Mason to display some surprising romantic tendencies.

Mason takes pride in his appearance and is into keeping fit.