Stephanie McIntosh

Stephanie McIntosh

Daughter of hippy parents, Sky has always been alternative with a feisty and curious nature. Willing to explore life outside the borders of conformity, Sky was well known for her outlandish dress sense and hairstyles and became the first Neighbours character to share a lesbian kiss.

Sky showed up on Ramsay Street in 2003 after having difficulties coping with step dad Joe’s new relationship, deciding instead to seek out her grandfather, Harold. Upon her arrival, Harold feared that she might be experimenting with drugs, so Harold decided to help her along a better path and introduced her to... Boyd Hoyland. The pair became firm friends and supported each other through bullying at school, eventually becoming romantically involved.

The New Year brought Sky more unexpected surprises, including the arrival of new student Lana Crawford. Initially, they did not get along, however their friendship began to grow while spending a detention together one lunch time. There, they began hanging out as friends until Lana surprised Sky by kissing her at a sleepover. After Lana came out, Sky (who was very artistic), pitched an idea to start a comic strip about characters “Freak Girl” and “Enigma”. Boyd grew increasingly jealous of Sky and Lana’s relationship, and hearing about their kiss, he dumped Sky. With Lana leaving for Canada, Sky impulsively kissed her, fearing she was loosing Lana, and further confusing her feelings.

Sky and Boyd reunited once Lana left, however there relationship was short lived, and Sky began dating new arrival Dylan Timmins. Sky and Dylan had their ups and downs, as she struggled to control his aggressive nature. Sky’s world was rocked when David, Liljana and Serena were killed in the Lassiters plane crash and boyfriend Dylan was missing at sea. Feeling alone Sky turned to Boyd for support until Dylan’s shock return, and they later reunited. Sky got into her dream university, and met teacher Jean Pierre. Butting heads at first, soon Sky began to respect his views on her artwork, and before long they had a one-night stand.

Dylan broke things off with Sky and her problems further escalated when she slept with Dylan’s brother, Stingray. Things took a turn for the worst when Sky discovered she was pregnant, but didn’t know who the father was. After the birth of a healthy daughter, Kerry (named after Sky’s mum) it is revealed that Dylan is in fact the dad. Despite this, Sky ended up with Stingray. Baby Kerry was diagnosed with Leukaemia and was in desperate need for a bone marrow transplant. Stingray later died from an aneurysm after being the donor for baby Kerry. Guilt ridden, Sky reached out for help and was conned by an unscrupulous ‘spiritualist’, and later attacked him after finding out the truth. She was framed for his murder, imprisoned and destined for confinement. With Boyd’s help, she cleared her name and decided to leave Erinsborough and move up to Queensland with Kerry and Dylan.

Most memorable moments: Coming face to face with her mother’s killer, Sky had a vicious confrontation with the culprit, finally getting the justice she deserved.

Her relationship with Lana Crawford was a standout moment for the beloved character. We only wish Lana could have stayed for a wee bit longer!