Scott Major

Scott Major

He's cheeky, cocky, always the life of the party, and loves being a hero to his mates. Lucas Fitzgerald has a reputation as a bit of a bad boy but underneath is a sensitive guy who wants to have fun.

Lucas is Dan’s brother, and when Lucas wound up in Erinsborough, Dan was less than impressed. Before long, their past rivalry came back to haunt them and the two brothers went head to head, competing for Libby’s love.

Lucas went through a gambling addiction which almost destroyed his relationship with Elle, a brief liaison with Steph Scully and many scraps with Elle before finally coming good and asking Elle to marry him. And all looked picture perfect for the loved-up couple, until Elle was offered a job as a foreign correspondent for a New York newspaper and left Erinsborough and her fiancé for greener pastures.

Before long, Lucas was declaring his love for Steph, who had secretly slept with his brother Dan behind her best friend Libby’s back (that's a whole other story). Steph went on a bender, ran over Ringo Brown and went to jail, leaving Lucas drifting towards illegal drag racing... as you do.

Lucas found love with Emilia Jovanovic, but unfortunately she had eyes for someone else, and soon left Ramsay Street with former flame Michael Williams. The arrival of Italian beauty Vanessa Villante was the perfect distraction for Lucas, and the two had a one-night stand. This was the beginning of a rollercoaster ride - with a Rhys Lawson (RIP) love triangle, surprise pregnancy and a runaway bride making it seem almost impossible that Lucas and Vanessa would finally get back together. But before we knew it, the pair were setting up home with baby Patrick.

After what felt like 5 seconds of happiness, Lucas was surprised by the return of Steph Scully, who was hoping to rekindle their relationship, even though Lucas was with Vanessa. Diagnosed with testicular cancer, Steph and Lucas grew closer and it was the final straw for Vanessa. Threatening to leave him, Lucas stopped seeing Steph, and she retaliated by stealing their baby.

With baby Patrick back and a small inheritance fortune, Lucas started to gamble once more and lost all his money to Robbo. Accused of murder, Lucas decided it was time to make a fresh start in the sunny town of Daylesford.

Memorable moment: Lucas and Libby gave into temptation during Ringo and Donna's wedding... They just weren’t expecting to be caught by Susan.... how embarrassing!

Scott Major

It’s very rare that an actor returns to a series as a different character but for Scott Major, it was like coming home when he re-joined the cast of Neighbours as Lucas Fitzgerald in July 2008.

At just 18, Scott was cast as the original Darren Stark in 1993 for a brief period, and went on to have roles in Heartbreak High, Always Greener, Blue Heelers, Home & Away and All Saints, as well as in feature films, He Died With A Felafel In His Hand and Ned Kelly.

Scott, 36, has had success overseas in the BBC’s mini-series Doctors and also wrote, produced and starred in his own play at the 2006 Edinburgh fringe festival. His passion for script writing, producing and directing has also come to fruition in recent years with the debut of several original plays in Melbourne including, The Subtle Art of Flirting, All This Intimacy and The Fellatio Monologues.

An enthusiastic cook, Scott plays the guitar and is a die-hard Western Bulldogs supporter.