Nicola Charles

Nicola Charles

English born Sarah had everything a new Neighbours arrival needs - a feisty attitude, sex appeal and mystery surrounding her past. Sarah turned plenty of heads during her time on Ramsay Street, but none more than a certain doctor next door.

Arriving in early 1996, Sarah moved from England to Australia, leaving behind her career as model and reuniting with her half sister, Catherine O’Brien. Originally an “O’Brien”, Sarah changed her last name to “Beaumont” to help better her modelling career. After moving into No. 30, Sarah was harassed by her ex fiancé from England; she turned to Toadie and Catherine for support, and was later convinced to sort out her troubled past. Toadie began to develop feelings for Sarah who didn’t reciprocate them (poor Toad), and the two decided to stay friends.

Sarah began dating policeman Matt Compton, but just as the pair settled down, Matt was transferred to another station and left Ramsay Street. Sarah, devastated, breaks down in Karl Kennedy’s arms in the 1997 season final and in what is known as one of the biggest moments in Neighbours’ history, the pair kiss. Rattled with guilt, Karl and Sarah try to keep their distance from one another, but struggle to continue to keep their deception from Susan (these things never stay quiet!). With Sarah confiding in good friend Toadie, it wasn’t long before the secret got back to Susan, and the marriage between Karl and Susan Kennedy was over (and not for the last time!).

In the wake of the Kennedy marriage breakdown, Sarah threw herself into her work. She completed her nursing course and began work at Erinsborough hospital. There she encountered several incidents including a psychiatric stalker named Richard, a patient going into cardiac arrest, forcing Sarah to perform emergency producers, resulting in her medical license being revoked. Her life was further complicated by a nude photo that surfaced on the Internet and Paul McClain and Tad Reeves exposing her to Ramsay Street. However, the photo turned out to be a fake, and Sarah got her revenge on the two teens.

It seemed like Sarah was never going to find the man of her dreams, until the arrival of hunky doctor Peter Hannay, and by 1999 the pair were engaged. It wouldn’t be a proper Ramsay Street wedding without some wedding jitters, and Karl and Sarah shared one more passionate kiss before she tied the knot with Peter and left for England. Although not seen on screen, Sarah was known to have had two children with Peter in 2001, and was again mentioned in 2003 when she reached out to Karl for a reference for a new job. Here she revealed Peter and her had separated and that she planned a fresh start. Sarah also made an appearance in the 2005 documentary by Annalise Harman.

Recently, Sarah returned in 2013, causing more drama for Karl and Susan. This time, the real truth about their affair was exposed, but before she left, Sarah pushed Karl and Susan back together, noting that they truly belonged together.

Most memorable moments: Hands down, this goes to the moment where Karl and Sarah kissed! It was the beginning of the end for the perfect Kennedy marriage...

But who could forget Karl and Sarah’s golf trip? With Susan teaching in Wangaratta, Karl and Sarah went on a golf trip, and in true soap fashion, disaster stuck! Sarah fell over a barrier and down a cliff! Luckily Karl saved her life...

Most memorable quote: “This one's for you doc” (blows a kiss at the screen) – Neighbours 20th Anniversary Episode 4773.