Mark Little

Mark Little

A kind, warm-hearted, easy-going guy, Joe is a true Aussie through and through. With a love for gardening, betting and a drink, he enjoys settling down to watch the football over a beer. When the time came for Joe to step up and be a respectable, honest, supportive father, Joe rose to the challenge and, despite being a struggling single dad, provided a solid upbringing for son, Toby and adoptive daughter Sky.

Blowing into town in 1988, Joe reluctantly reacquainted himself with his mother Nell and granddaughter Jane. After his mother's marriage to John, Joe took up residence at No. 32 and was soon visited by his former flame Noelene and son, Toby. Adjusting to life with Toby, Joe had a tough time, and it was further complicated over his right to be his legal guardian. In early 1989, Joe met Harold Bishop’s estranged and slightly alternative daughter Kerry. Joe and Kerry shared similar views and situations, both having children with previous partners. Much to Harold’s liking, they soon became engaged and had a beautiful wedding ceremony that same year.

With Jane leaving for England, happily married, Joe and Kerry settled their new family into No 32. Facing another custody battle with Sky, Joe thought his troubles were over, until the return of Kerry’s ex. With Sky now legally Joe’s daughter, things were looking up for the Mangel family, but in true soap fashion, things never run smoothly and in 1991 Kerry’s activist hippie friend Amber Martin arrived, and led Kerry back into her old habits. Kerry was shot while out with Amber on a protest against duck hunting, Kerry later died, along with their unborn baby. Joe was hit with another blow when Sky’s biological father returned and applied for full custody. In a long and heart wrenching fight, Joe lost to Eric, but in one last attempt to keep the only thing that linked Joe to Kerry, he kidnapped, baby Sky and fled Ramsay Street.

When Melanie Pearson arrived in 1991, she took to Joe and mended his broken heart. Marrying for the second time, Joe and Melanie soon departed Erinsborough for a fresh start in London. It was later that news got back to Harold that Joe and Melanie had divorced in 1993. Joe was last seen in 2005 when he returned for Sky’s surprise 18th birthday. Settling in with Harold and his family, Joe stuck around in Erinsborough and began a short-lived romance with newly single Lyn Scully. While back in town, Joe bought Lyn a new dog and proceeded to name him Bouncer 5 (after the original Bouncer). Receiving a call from son Toby asking for help on the farm, Joe bid a tearful farewell to daughter Sky and girlfriend Lyn and left during the end of 2005.

Unlucky in love, he’s not yet found a relationship to stand the test of time, but with a caring, loving personality like his, it can’t be long before he finds true love whilst working on his farm in WA.

Most memorable moments: Joe’s most memorable moment had to be holding Kerry in his arms after being shot at a protest against duck hunting. The blow was further magnified when their unborn baby also passed away in the accident.