Kimberley Davies

Kimberley Davies

Spontaneous, flirtatious and manipulative! Annalise Hartman was the beautiful blonde next door and the affection of every guy in Ramsay Street. Lying to get her way, Annalise caused quite a stir upon her arrival, but soon became a much loved resident of the community.

Annalise first arrived to Erinsborough in 1993; she took up residence with good friend Beth Brennan and her landlord Lou Carpenter at No. 24. Lou was quite taken with Annalise’s beauty, and before long the two became engaged. When Annalise's mother Fiona arrived in town she revealed to Lou that Annalise wasn’t 21, she was actually 17! Lou called off the engagement immediately, and probably for the best, we don't think Lauren would've approved of it!

Annalise had difficulties settling in to Erinsborough High; it was the beginning of her long time feud with Gaby Willis. She seduced her teacher and then falsely accused him of assault. Dropping out of school, Annalise had several jobs at Lassiters before becoming bar manager of The Waterhole. Phil Martin later sacked her for failing to submit a gas report. Don't judge him too harsly, her mistake did result in the Waterhole exploding! By the end of 1993, Annalise and Gaby finally put their feud to rest, in the wake of surviving a plane crash.

Annalise found love in the arms of Mark Gottlieb, the new head chef at Lassiters. The pair faced several hurdles on their road to marriage, but nothing could prepare Annalise for the day he left her at the altar, revealing he wanted to become a priest!

A few months passed and Annalise fell for bad boy Sam Kratz. A shock cancer scare resulted in Annalise having a new perspective on life. Her sister Joanna arrived in 1995, and the two reconnected with their estranged father. Annalise and Stonie Rebecchi began an affair in late 1995, with Sam catching the pair in the act. He promptly ended their relationship and Annalise ran away to London for some time out. By 2001 Annalise and Sam had reunited and were happily married in London. Annalise began working for the BBC and before long was back in Erinsborough in 2005 to record a documentary about her time living on Ramsay Street.

A true beauty, always causing drama on the Street, it was never a dull moment when Annalise Hartman was in town!

Most memorable moments: It’s hard to pick between her relationship with Lou Carpenter (who was more than 30 years her senior!) or being left at the altar by a man who wanted to become a priest…. Either way, we’re glad Annalise found her true love!

Most memorable quote: “Life is best lived with Neighbours, who become good friends” – Neighbours 20th Anniversary; Episode 4773.