Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall

Lauren’s first passion in life was her horses, until she married Matt and started a family. A natural mother, she is a warm, tactile woman, who doesn’t believe her kids will ever be too old for a big hug and a mug of hot chocolate when they’re feeling down. She compliments Matt’s disciplinary approach with her ‘softer touch’ style of parenting.

Lauren’s family life in Mount Isa was turned upside down when Mason was sent to juvenile detention for a local robbery. Fiercely protective of her son, Lauren thought the move to Erinsborough would provide the family with a fresh start.

The move to Erinsborough has offered some other advantages. It’s given Lauren the chance to reconnect with her father, Lou. They share a warm relationship, but deep down, Lauren feels a little guilty that she has spent more of her adult life with her mother than with Lou.

Lauren is generally a happy person with a great sense of humour. She’s down to earth, values honesty and can’t stand injustice. She has no problem speaking out when she feels she needs to.

Lauren’s never been overly ambitious, choosing instead to prioritise her maternal role. She’s happiest when she’s surrounded by family and friends, and loves horses and the great outdoors – so much so that she used to own a horse riding school in Mt Isa. Although she seems content, she harbours unfulfilled dreams of being an artist.