Ian Rawlings

Ian Rawlings

Upbeat, happy-go lucky family man, Phil has seen an awful lot in his time!

Having been married to an alcoholic, Phil is a dedicated and loyal man, but not necessarily for the right reasons. When he fell in love with a new woman, Julie Robinson, Phil felt bound to his old life and he couldn’t fully commit to the new one he craved.

When involved in a serious car crash that left Phil paralysed and his intoxicated wife Loretta, dead, Phil sought the opportunity to begin the life he dreamt of, and rekindled his love affair with colleague, Julie. Despite his children’s reluctance, Phil married Julie, and together they had another daughter, Hannah (or 'Button' as he called her).

As his wayward teen son Michael spiralled out of control, Phil was torn between protecting his old family and making his new one happy. Although tensions mounted at home between Phil and Julie, it was a shocking discovery to find Julie’s body lying dead on the floor (especially as they were at a murder mystery party!). Phil, as a consequence, was arrested.

Despite being proven innocent, losing two wives had taken its toll on Phil and he was driven to drink, resulting in severe depression. Luckily for Phil, he met Ruth Wilkins who helped him out of the dark and lonely days, and – of course (this is Phil Martin!) – they married in 1997.

Phil Martin – or should we say, Phillipa Martinez – had an unconventional career path. From working for Lassiters, running his own news agency and dabbling in a bit of romance writing – the future proved impossible to predict.

Phil returned to Erinsborough for the celebrations of Annalise Hartman’s documentary in 2005. This of course was the first time Phil and Paul had come face to face since Paul tried to frame him for embezzlement – lets just say a physical fight ensured.

Phil and family now live in Darwin, and occasionally pop back to Ramsay Street for a catch up with friends. It all sounds very happy families, but with two dead wives under his belt, watch your back Ruth – you could be next!

Most memorable moments: Although incredibly sad, no other moment can compare to Phil discovering that Julie was dead. He will never forgive himself for the constant bickering and arguing, plus the mean and hurtful things he said before she died.

Most memorable quote: “You’re nothing but scum” – Neighbours 20th Anniversary Episode 4771.