Craig McLachlan

Craig McLachlan

Flirty, mischievous, fun and outgoing, this kind-of-a-bad-boy-come-good turned the heads of every girl on Ramsay Street. Entering Erinsborough with a criminal record wasn’t easy, and Henry found himself being blamed for things left, right and centre.

Returning from prison in 1987, Henry longed for the approval from his mother Madge, insisting he had changed, even though Henry made amends with his estranged mother, Henry struggled to fit in with the lifestyle of Ramsay Street. After the marriage of his younger sister Charlene, Madge and Henry changed their names back to their maiden name of Ramsay.

Handsome and charming, Henry was a hit with the single ladies of Erinsborough, however he was unlucky with finding love… until the arrival of Bronwyn Davies. Falling for the beautiful blonde next door, Henry went out of his way to impress her but she wouldn’t give him the time of day. Henry continued to catch Bronwyn’s eye and eventually they got together, only after she pushed him down some stairs, naturally.

Keeping their relationship a secret from the neighbours, Henry and Bronwyn continued to see each other and in 1988, Henry proposed and the pair planned a joint wedding with Kerry and Joe, however that wasn't to be the case. Scoring a new job as a DJ, Henry couldn't refuse the opportunity, but couldn’t bare to leave Bronwyn behind. Moving to New Zealand to start his new career, Henry bid a tearful farewell to his family – and Bronwyn left for New Zealand soon after, settling down as a newly married couple.

Most memorable moments: Henry had quite a few memorable moments while on Ramsay Street. But his most memorable moment was being locked out of the house in nothing but a towel. Running about the backyard naked and hiding in the greenhouse while Bronwyn’s aunt Edie arrived for an unexpected visit.