Coco Cherian

Coco Cherian

After the tragic loss of her mother in an explosion, Rani Kapoor and her father Ajay have struggled to lead a normal and happy life. Still reeling from the loss of Priya, Ajay and Rani decide to take an extended trip to India to visit their dying relative.

The 15-year-old is a “girly girl” and dreams of getting married and having babies. She’s a nurturer, as evidenced in her loyalty and compassion as a friend but also in her love of children and animals.

Rani has a very active imaginative world. She’s a romantic, who loves Bollywood movies and is waiting for her handsome knight in shining armour to come along. With the right amount of attention, she is easily led which is apparent when wild boy Harley Canning comes on the scene.

Coco Cherian

Coco Cherian was with her mother in a local café when the call came through from her agent that she had landed a role on Neighbours. All eyes were on the stunning teenager when she started squealing about the news of her first television role.

The bubbly 15-year-old has been a fan of the popular series since she was in primary school so to be cast as Rani Kapoor, the offspring of the show’s first Indian/Sri Lankan family was beyond all expectations.

“I’m still excited about being on Neighbours after nearly a year of working on the show,” joked Coco who was born in Perth and moved to Melbourne when she started school. Her father’s parents were born in India and her mother is Australian.

Coco started performing in school productions when she was just eight-years-old and joined the Children’s Performing Company of Australia when she was twelve to hone her skills. She is still attends dance classes regularly.

The youngest of four children, her father has a strong musical and creative background, as does her mother. Both have been extremely supportive in helping the Year 9 student juggle her new on-screen life and the demands of high school.