Carla Bonner

Carla Bonner

Beautiful, loving, caring and loyal (aside from the time she slept with Libby’s husband) … Steph Scully's a battler. Proudly a bit of a tomboy who loves to go motorbike riding, Steph also owned a bar and could fix any car that came her way … what more could any of the Erinsborough bachelors have wished for?

Arriving in 1999, Steph and her family had a hard time adjusting to the close knit lifestyle of Ramsay Street. Steph was immediately drawn to hottie Drew Kirk, but he was faithful until the end to Libby Kennedy. Establishing a strong friendship with Libby, Steph began to see ex con, Woody, much to her family's disapproval. The romance was short lived after Wood had to cut his losses with Steph and left town by faking his death.

More heartache was on the horizon when Steph met newcomer Marc Lambert in 2002. Before long she was walking down the aisle only to discover that her husband-to-be was in love with her sister Flick. Steph found happiness when father of two Max Hoyland moved in to Ramsay Street. It took a while for the pair to get their act together, but it was a good start to 2003 for Steph, however her biggest battle was just around the corner. Diagnosed with breast cancer was a true testament to her strength of character; Steph had a compassionate, considerate side to her and often put others’ happiness before her own; helping her brother through his drug habit.

Steph was accused of killing her own grandfather; had a hefty battle with IVF treatment and adoption before finally falling pregnant only for her cancer to return. Steph refused treatment until the child was born, a risk that almost claimed her life. Her marriage to Max fell to pieces in the later half of 2006 and he skipped town after accidentally killing Paul's son. Forming a relationship with long-standing best friend Toadie, saw much excitement and the chime of wedding bells, but Toadie believed that she didn’t love him, and as a result, the couple separated dramatically on the big day.

Steph eventually found a simple life with Lucas, however, witnessing him and Libby kissing was the catalyst for Steph in making the biggest mistake of her life. Having a one night stand with Libby’s husband Dan, she fell pregnant. Enlisting the help of Toadie, the lie that would tear the Kennedy and Scully families apart began. In true soap style, the secret came out, resulting in a dramatic showdown between best friends Libby and Steph. Trying to cope with her mistake took its toll on Steph, and she hit the bottle hard and gave her newborn baby away. In one terrifying moment, Steph ran down Ringo Brown whilst driving under the influence… and was sentenced to 6 years in jail.

Times got even tougher for Steph, when upon her release, she suffered a psychotic episode and kidnapped Lucas’s newborn, believing it was her own. Since then Steph has returned to a mental health facility for treatment,

Most memorable moments: Being caught holding a pillow against her dead grandfather was a pretty terrible moment for Steph. There was the time she clogged Paul in the face for leaving her mother at the alter. But we feel the best moments go to when Steph’s having showdowns with either her sister or best friend.